Monday, July 03, 2006


Blackhoney.mgx bowl series designed by arik levy for materialise. Like the name reflects, and with its hexagon shapes, blackhoney is inspired by honeycombs. This simple and elegant design belies the complex mathematics and high-tech rendering techniques that are used to create these stunning pieces.

The truly unique aspect of each bowl is that it was created through the use of rapid prototyping technology. This 3-d material printing process allows for an unlimited freedom of design far beyond the capacity of traditional manufacturing processes.

You may be wondering why materialise products are named with the *.mgx extension? *.mgx is the file extension for materialise's proprietary software. each product produced by materialise is rendered from a unique *.mgx file which accompanies your product on a cd rom. You can reproduce your product by sending the *.mgx file to materialise.


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