Thursday, October 19, 2006


Designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created a collection of objects/devices inspired by the human body and its interactions with the environment. Called Elements, the devices are “reactive and capable of sensitivity to and receptivity of our states” in our personal environment. They “generate domestic micro- environments dedicated to each inhabitant” and modify air quality, light, heat, noise and can even boost your immune system depending on the need. One of the devices, O., above, is a “veritable domestic breathing machine, [that] generates pure oxygen in the home. Using an oximeter sensor, O constantly monitors the oxygen level in the air, and when it detects that this level is insufficient, it instantly activates the micro-organisms it contains, Spirulina Platensis - a living organism with the highest yield in terms of oxygen production - and a light that favours spirulin photosynthesis. This emits native oxygen, which is diffused into the surroundings. As soon as the air oxygen level has returned to optimum, the light and agitation are interrupted and the spirulin falls back to the bottom of the container.”. In addition to O., the other Elements are K., a light to help with SAD, dB., a white noise generator, C., an infra-red heater and Q., an immune system booster/mister.

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