Sunday, December 10, 2006


We were lucky to meet Gerald of foodite (one of the best sites on molecular gastronomy in the states) and Wylie Dufresne (chef of WD~50) at WD~50 in New York. WD~50 was already long on my list of restaurants I want to go and I can only talk in superlatives on the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. With every recipe Gerald and I were looking for the ingredients the chef added. And what strokes me is that we're so used to think in alginates, methylcellulose,... and we forget about simple solutions like freezing. Like for instance the fried mayonaise. The reflex is that it will be methylcellulose, but it was just freezing the mayonaise, coating with breadcrumb and frying.

Another interesting fact was that there was a dessert tasting menu, at ant time you just step into the restaurant to eat desserts. The desserts were by the way fabulous. Congratulations to Alex Stupak. It seems WD~50 can attract the best pastry chefs like Sam Mason, Alex Stupak. Wylie Dufresne is some one we should look up to. For the people who also love WD~50, when you're ever in Belgium, don't forget to visit some fantastic restaurants like 'L'air du temps', 'Hertog Jan' or 'In de wulf'. Belgium is also finding his way to the top.

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