Monday, February 26, 2007


A feast...the Materia newsletter for february 2007 entered our mailbox, packed full of new materials, events and information. A Food for Design quickpick :

:: Noodle block : Lauren Moriarty designs and manufactures products which explore the potential of pattern, materials and 3-dimensional textiles. Her Noodle Block range of lighting, cushions and interior cubes came from a fascination for the effects that can be created when a pattern is put into repeat. Each structure can be squashed and bounces back to its original form. These are products with great visual and tactile appeal.

The Rubber Lace Panels reference the structure and patterns found in traditional lace and combine these with the use of laser cutting and industrial materials to create new textile forms.

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:: Abalone in Lacquer : These panels are a product of a long history of decorative inlay technique indigenous to Vietnam. Duck egg shells are roasted, crushed and placed into a chestnut lacquer matrix on a marine plywood substrate. This composite is then rubbed by hand into a smooth polished finish under running water. This process takes 50 days to complete from start to finish. Abalone shells in the same chestnut lacquer matrix are also available. Colors include deep red, blue, and red dot . Applications include vertical and horizontal surfacing.

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