Monday, March 05, 2007


Another beautiful algorithmic artwork by Eno Henze. Designer own descriptive words : "Every real thing forms the nucleus of a multidimensional sphere, that constitutes it’s appearance. Besides it’s factual part, it’s „it is what it is“, every thing manifests itself in an ideal space through connections, references and deliminations. These connections may be historical, functional or significative, and they are fundamental to our perception of the reality of of every thing. Yet, accessing the factual is impaired by layers of ideal representation. Every factual nucleus is enclosed by shells that maintain an economy of exchange and delimination with it’s environment. From a makroscopic perspective the things of reality form an ocean of spheres – the Reality Foam. Rendering the Reality Foam „per se“, the denuclified reality, is an attempt to visualize the structure of our perception, or rather a formal approach to our creation of reality."

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