Monday, March 12, 2007


BASF wanted to showcase the versatility of Ultrason® polymer, which has many material features and can be used where conventional plastics cannot. The role of IDEO’s designers was to design products out of Ultrason® that would convince designers and manufacturers that this material had broad potential as a form-giving material that could be easily machined using traditional processes. The designs also needed to inspire new thinking around how people use and interact with objects and their surroundings. By linking the material to five common household objects, IDEO also chose to demonstrate Ultrason’s appeal to end users—the people who ultimately determine the desirability of any consumer good. One of those objects is this toaster, designed by Nicolas Inchaurrondo & Stefan Koch (BASF AG), and Alexander
Grots, Leif Huff, Miguel Cabra, Thomas Brisebras, Todd Pelman & Vicky Arndt

Challenge: When designing heat carrying household objects designers are normally constrained, as they have to keep surfaces and circuitry away from heat or electricity, so users avoid burnt fingertips or short-circuits.

Solution: The aesthetically designed concepts (a hairdryer, lampshade, toaster, kettle and a clothes hanger) are made of Ultrason polymer, which is heat resistant up to 220° Celsius and has great insulating capacities, making it safe to touch while the product is in use.

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