Thursday, April 26, 2007


Observer Food Monthly and the Audi A6 have teamed up to present four films with the four most revolutionary young chefs in the country using cutting-edge philosophies of food, innovative technology and techniques to re-define our concept of food and some classic British menus.

In the fourth video 'The Science of Deliciousness'Flavour scientist Jane Parker meets top chef Daniel Clifford of Midsummer House to tell us just what makes the very best food so delicious. What can science offer the industry's top chefs? Is there something about really accomplished cuisine that just can't be analysed?
Jane Parker is telling on the foodpairing of pigeon and chocolate. How both have pyrazines in common.

Thanks to Jean Marc of Kalys for making us aware of the four films.

[+ video 4 'The Science of Deliciousness']

[+ midsummer house]

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