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Translation from an abstract of an article by Pieter van Doveren for Trends.

Rafael Garcia Santos, organizer of one of the world's most important culinairy congresses, was 2 days in Belgium. Together with Martin Berasategui he visited several adresses in belgium (see earlier post)including L'air du temps.

L'Air du temps is one of the most interesting places in the french part of belgium for gastronomic innovation. Rafael Garcia Santos and Martin Berasategui came over to see and taste if chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre could be one of the chef who will do demonstrations in San Sebastian. Sang-Hoon Degeimbre made an exquisite diner where the talented sommelier Maximin De Munck added the wines.


- Tofu and miso with crispy black salsify and powder of dried tuna.
- Creamy mousseline made by in ginger water cooked sweet potato with spicy chorizo and a mousse of yoghurt.
- Crispy tube of pumpkin, filled with ice, slighty beaten foie gras and foam of licorice.
- Bulgur with small grey snails and curcuma sauce.
- Egg shell filled with truffle snow.

Main dishes:

- Oyster and Kiwi with a cream of coconut and sepia ink (wine:Dr. Bürklin-Wolf, 2006 Riesling.)
- Sushi of red tuna, Belgian caviar, Japanese algues and mayonaise with Ras-el-Hanout spices (wine:Sauvignon Claudy Bay 2006.)
- On 43 °C cooked salmon of Cherbourg with foie gras and mint, capers, pickled onions and lemon grass (wine:Anjou, Les Bonnes Blanches of René Moss.)
- Thymus and langoust with a butter made with berries, sirope of hoisin and rice vinegar.
- Waret pigeon, couscous with artichoke and lime, parfume of tonka beans (wine: austrian Arachon Evolution TFXT 1999.)


- cuberdon meringue tremped into liquid nitrogen.
- bonbon with an emulsion and crispy caramel
- Yoghurtbead with a soupe of mango and pineapple
- Soufflé of abricots
- Soupe of chocolate with marmelade of plums, sorbet of saffran

:: REPORT ::

Felicitations from Rafael Garcia Santos and Martin Berasategui. Sang-Hoon Degeimbre passed with brio for the test and was invited to do a demonstration in San Sebastian. Belgium can be proud.

Sang Hoon was also invited to Singapore a few weeks ago where he did some demonstrations and also met the belgian chef Emmanuel Stroobandt from Saint Pierre. If you like to read more about Sang Hoon, click on the click to an article of Reuters. L’Air du Temps: Chaussée de Louvain 181, 5310 Noville-sur-Mehaigne, 081 81 30 48, ‘Grand menu’ for 75 euro (110 euro with wines).[+ L'air du temps]
[+ Reuters about Sang Hoon]
[+ trends]

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