Saturday, July 14, 2007


First, I want to thank Jean Pierre Gabriel, a journalist which we respect a lot, for giving us the opportunity to meet the chefs of 'El celler de can roca' and 'El Bulli'. Thank you Jean Pierre for the opportunity and the nice company!
We were very charmed by the open mentality of the chefs. So also thanks to Joan and Jordi Roca, Ferran Adria and Oriol Castro for spending some time with us.

In the morning we visited Alicia, the institute which will deal with gastronomy and science. Very nice location, an hour drive from Barcelona. During the noon we had a conversion with Joan and Jordi Roca. Very nice guys. They also showed their new restaurant which will open in autumn, a combination of a old building and new architecture.

In the afternoon we met the chefs of El Bulli. Oriol Castro, the right hand of Ferran Adria, showed us around in the restaurant. Quiet impressive. If you want to see what was served for dinner, click on the link to Flickr. Photos and descriptions are added.

[+ Alicia]
[+ flickr]
[+ El celler de can roca]
[+ El Bulli]

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