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I was wondering, chefs who know about foodpairing, can you see that in their recipes. Let's take for example Heston Blumenthal. Some reknown recipe of him like the salmon with licorice enveloppe, is that somehow a predictable recipe if you know foodpairing.

We did the test by looking at salmon. If you take the top 3 flavours of salmon and search for what other foodproduct has the same top 3, you obtain...licorice. Also if you scan for the total group of flavours, licorice is still in the 20% best pairings with salmon.

Another combination of Heston Blumenthal is oyster and passion fruit.
We talked already a few time about Sang Hoon Degeimbre his combination of kiwi and oyster, well oyster and passion fruit is the same story. Methyl hexanoate is the flavour that pairs the two together. Also in the Book of Yann Duytsche you will find a foodpairing combination based on that flavour; pineapple and hop.

Anyway it should be clear; it stays still a craft from the chef to turn the knowledge of a foodpairing into a good recipe. So don't think is only mixing some ingredients. Quantity/ balance is most important.

Picture was taken from Flickr, by ComeUndone.

[+ Yann Duytsche]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny but in my meal at the fat duck that me or my companion did not like.

The other flavour pairings, e.g. white chocolate and caviare etc did work

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