Monday, March 10, 2008


As its name suggests, the Single Person’s Cooker (SPC) responds to some of today's eating habits that are evolving because of the rapid pace, increasing solo existence and less structured routines of many people's daily lifestyles. The compact and stylish cooking device features a WiFi connection, and its associated website provides recipes and information for producing nutritious healthy meals, and supports quick and efficient preparation. The recipes are automatically linked and stored on the SPC to programme cooking times, and heating controls. Ideally suited to the batchelor pad or studio space, the SPC provides a desirable cooker and interactive web-based connections that also steers less confident cooks away from ready meals and encourages them to prepare their food themselves. Not only is the user more likely to think about their diet and improve their well being as a result, but the SPC becomes an object of focus and discussion in the kitchen.

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