Monday, September 04, 2006


"The „Spatium Gelatum” (frozen space) project is a scientific work combining art and architecture. The project aims at creating a future habitat and a biological space.Within the project, anthropological research is being conducted into a vision of edible world, known from the mediaeval Land of Milk and Honey, children’s tales and the XIX-century French cuisine tradition known as piece montée.

The spatial forms of the future habitat will be physically created in liquids as isopycnic systems, with polymers as the building material.An isopycnic system is a physical phenomenon which describes the behaviour of bodies of the same density. The isopycnic state is an ideal state, but it can be achieved by changing pressure and temperature in order to regulate the volume, and thus the density of liquids.In an ideal isopycnic phase, when a drop of one liquid flows, or more precisely, floats in another liquid, both these liquids are in a state of weightlessness.

This technology of „floating liquids” makes a practical use of the phenomenon of weightlessness in earth conditions, making it possible to create new forms impossible in the conditions of gravity." Zbigniew Oksiuta

The most interesting project ever seen on the furniture fair in Cologne. Ironicle enough not in one of the 2 'ideal-house' exhibitions.

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