Monday, January 22, 2007


:: Technorama Facade ::

In 2002, Ned Kahn worked with the staff of Technorama, the major science center in Switzerland, and their architects, Durig and Rami, to create a facade for the building which is composed of thousands of aluminum panels that move in the air currents and reveal the complex patterns of turbulence in the wind.

:: Fragmented Dunes ::

A wind-animated shade screen for the new performing arts center that consists of thousands of 9-inch squares of perforated aluminum mounted on low friction hinges so that the entire surface of the facade responds to the wind. Each moving panel is perforated with thousands of different sized holes that, when viewed from a distance, create a photographic mosaic of sand dune images. When sunlight passes through the screens, intricate shadow images of the dunes are projected onto the walls and floor of the lobby. The design evolved from a collaboration with BOORA and DWL Architects and the engineering firm Paragon.

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