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This is a translation of the recipes in an article by Jean Pierre Gabriel for Le vif express where Sang Hoon Degeimbre (the chef of L’air du temps) and Bernard Lahousse (food for design) had a discussion on food pairing. The combination of oyster and kiwi is a food pairing by Sang Hoon. The 2 others where inspired by Heston Blumenthal (mango/pine and pineapple/blue cheese). For more info on foodpairing look to our earlier posts on this topic.

Included some recipes by Sang Hoon Degeimbre


description : Ravioli filled with mango mousse, beads of yoghurt and pine (for 4 persons)

   - 1 ripe mango

   - 200 g mango puree

   - 3,5 g gelatine

   - 2 shoots of a young pine (the very tender, fresh leaves)

   - 3,5 g of methylcellulose

   - Lemon juice

   - Rose leaves

For the yoghurt beads:

   - 200 g yoghurt

   - 90 g double cream

   - 30 g sugar

   - 2 drops of pine extract

For the alginate bath:

   - 1 liter water

   - 5 g alginate


Cut the mango into fine (maximum 1mm) sheets.

Mix the mango puree with the shoots of the pine (cut into fine pieces).

Divide the mango puree into two parts. The first part is heated to 40°C and mixed with the gelatine. The second part is kept cool and mixed with the methylcellulose. Beat the 2 parts together into a light foam.

For the yoghurt beads; mix all the ingredients. Make an alginate bath (reverse spherification) by mixing the water with the alginate. Fill syringes with the yoghurt mixtures. Inject the mixture into the alginate bath so you get beads (2 cm diameter). Leave the beads into the bath for 2 minutes. Rinse in water and leave into the water until use.

Fold the mango sheets into 4 to form like little cornets. Fill the cornets with the mango foam.

Dress the cornets on a plate together with the yoghurt beads, some mango coulis, leaves of roses and shoots of pine


description : Kiwître (for 4 persons)

   - 4 oysters

   - 2 kiwis

   - 100 g coconut puree

   - 1 spoon lemon juice

   - 50 g fresh sepia ink

   - 1 tea spoon wasabi powder

   - 1 g tara gum

   - 0,5 g methylcellulose


Mix the coconut with the tara gum. Sieve. Keep fresh during 1 hour.

Mix the sepia ink with the methylcellulose. Keep in the fridge

Peel the kiwi. Cut into small pieces (5mm) but discard the white parts. Mix the wasabi together with the kiwi pieces.

Open the oysters.

On a plate put a spoon of kiwi pieces. On top the kiwi. Put a drop of sepia ink and a spoon of coconut next to the oyster.


Description : Fourme d’Ambert on a jelly of pineapple, fennel, apple and sirop de Liège (for 4 persons)

   - 200 g pineapple

   - 40 g Fourme d’Ambert

   - 20 g granny smith (cut into julienne)

   - 20 g fennel (cut into julienne)

   - 30 g sirop de Liège

   - Powder sugar

   - Lemon juice

   - 1,5 g agar agar

   - Oil of grilled pistachio nuts

   - 3 g harissa


Cut 4 fine round pieces out of the pineapple. Place on a silpat, cover with powder sugar, dry into an oven of 110°C during 50 minutes. When ready and still hot roll the pineapple into cylinders.

Make juice out of the rest of the pineapple. Add lemon juice and agar agar. Heat to solve the agar agar, pour in the liquid into a rectangular shape and cool to solidify. Cut into pieces of 5 cm to 1,5 cm.

Cut the cheese in the similar size. Put on top of the pineapple.

Mix the sirop de Liège with the harissa.

Put the apple and fennel julienne on top of the cheese. Decorate with the pineapple cylinder. Add the sauce of sirop de Liège.

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