Thursday, February 28, 2008


In 1997 a number of architects were invited to participate in the production of macaroni. The exhibition showcased their macaroni models--fifty times larger than ordinary macaroni--along with their production intent and original recipe for cooking macaroni, as well as the participants' profiles and master works. As macaroni is made of ground grain, it can basically take any shape. However, macaroni is an architecture that guarantees conditions much harder to fulfill than is first imagined. Working conditions include "a shape that can be evenly heated", "an ample area that can be coated with sauce", "a shape easily mass-produced" and "appealing to the sense of taste". The operation exerted in this project can be expressed as "architecture for food". The participating architects thus competed with each other in the architectural design of food. As a result, the philosophy of each one is revealed practically as "macaroni". Thus, the creative ideas of architects, which often seem too heavy for the general public to understand, have now manifested themselves as plain, practical media. Production by Kenya Hara.

[+ Kenya Hara]

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