Friday, September 01, 2006

MG TAPAS DESSERTS by food for design

4 different desserts were made last sunday. 2 new recipes: 'Pearl of Crême brulée' and 'Panna cotta with gelle of sweet white wine'.
2 recipes inspired by Sam Mason the pastry chef of WD-50: 'Carrot-Lime ravioli, coconut tapioca, cumin' and 'Raisin puree, ice-cream of brown ice, raisin paper'

Recipes are posted on Flickr. The 2 new desserts are made with ingredients of Sosa (for Belgium contact Cnudde nv); gellan and gelatine vegetale. Especially the gelatine vegetale is very nice, it gives the possibilities like alginates without the use of CaCl2. You only have the freeze the filling. The membrane is solidified by putting the ice in the hot liquid.

[+ more] website of Sam Mason with some recipes and very nice pictures of his desserts

[+ more] via Food for design on Flickr.

[+ more] Cnudde nv

[+ more] Principle for making the pearls of crême brulée explained on Egullet

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