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Spanish culinary mastermind Ferran Adrià is famous for tinkering with food at the molecular level to produce wonders like liquid ravioli and frozen Parmesan air. His latest gastronovelty: solid espresso, dubbed èspesso. It's made by combining regular espresso with sugar and a secret ingredient, then squirting it out of a canister like whipped cream. You eat it with a spoon. The mousselike treat arrived in the U.S. in September, and is available in espresso, cappuccino and macchiato flavors.

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Blogger Martin Lersch said...

The linked recipe is probably not how they do it (although the recipe is interesting on it's own!). I have speculated a little on this in a recent blogpost. I'm quite sure they use a shear-thinning hydrocolloid!

Martin Lersch (webmaster(a)khymos(dot)org)

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