Friday, June 30, 2006



Monday, June 26, 2006


Food for design wants to be an open non-profit source for design, food and science cross-over.

::FOOD for design::
The first aim of this project is to explore and understand the physicochemical properties of materials / ingredients and apply this under-standing when designing.

::food for DESIGN::
A different way of thinking : abandoning the role of "creator" and "descending" to the role of a participant playing within the rules of an experimental process. All experiments come into being as a result of self-formation processes.

::food FOR design::
In exploring the materials the main focus lays on the food as in exploring the structure the primary focus lays on the process. The goal of this cross-fertilisation project is to add more senses / experience to design, it is a way of sustainable, random, natural thinking to in-spire others, giving food for the future.

[Bernard Lahousse] x [Lieven De Couvreur]